You Are Not Fake News – Headlining Outside Your Triangular Cube 

Reading Between The Lines…

Taking risks is all part of life.  It’s no different from your first time at anything in life, especially those times you expose yourself literally, figuratively, and emotionally.  

Let’s face it; fear, failure, rejection all sucks.  Love is like that too.  We may ask someone out for the first time or say I love you with no guarantee we will get it said back to us.  

Breaking The Real ‘You’ Story…

You may put yourself out there or in the dating scene of wannabe celebrity A-Listers but let’s face it.  Most of us are B-Listers and some of us will consider ourselves C-Listers.  

In reality we are all Summa Cum Laude Listers and have within us the highest of honor to succeed at anything and every endeavor we set our mind to.  

Just Let It Be Me…

In order to Be we must first See what it is we truly desire.  And not what others or even our lover, partner, or spouse sees who we are to be in their eyes.  

By facing the fear of failure and the risk of rejection in the face of this fake news story the haters or our opponents may broadcast to others about us…We will create the real reality and redemptive story worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. 

©2017 DIVE Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

“You are not fake news” 

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