Christmas Box Wisdom – Beauty is in the Kiss of the Wrapper 

Love is Sweeter than that dark chocolate kiss wrapped in silver bliss…

Love is not only a precious gift worth more than the current value of Bitcoin or that bling bling adorning your beautiful body.  

It’s in their touch and their embrace, as you brave the coldest of nights and weather the storm together.  Your collective warmth as two heavenly bodies wrapped as one…Ushering in the morning with a ray of sunshine on your face and the reason for the season in her kiss.  

©2017 DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

“What’s on your wish list?” 

Please share your most romantic moments and/or pics that you may wish to share on our site.  You may be included in the book.  I’m looking for the most ideal and beautiful locations and settings where you just desired one another and time stood still. 

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