Flight 2 Love – The Sounds of Passion Diaries 

The Sounds of Silent Passion 

The sounds of her silence were disrupted by the blaring of the train horn across town.  She was deep into her dream state again…this time she felt all alone, on her way to a destination unknown…traveling along a long desert highway.  The roadside sign saying, Welcome to Arizona.  The cafe was busy and full of hustle.  The locals and truckers were taking up most of the available spaces.  Inside the smell of country comfort food rafted through the air; biscuits and gravy, flapjacks, bacon, eggs, strong roasted coffee…the usual menu of road trip fare.  

Except there was only one glaring difference, besides being the outsider in a stranger things type of town…she was completely disrobed, exposed to everybody’s curious stares in the cafe.  The only accessories she was wearing included an ancient type of amulet which glowed between her bare breasts and a glistening gold ankle bracelet.  She felt comfortable in her own nakedness and even caught the roving eyes of a few college-aged girls giggling at each other and taking selfies to post on their social media accounts.  Her state of awareness was very vivid and lucid; the colors, sounds, and smells, including the details of the patrons were very real.  What is the meaning behind this?  

Before the abrupt rude awakening from this deep sleep she had encountered a young waitress at the counter.  She appeared very familiar, almost to the point of being a very close intimate partner in a past life.  She wore a similar type of necklace around her which was gold in appearance.  She had a tat of a long stem red rose just above her navel.  Her halter top loose fitting and see-through revealing her bra less.  

“Claire, I’ve missed you so much.  I still love you no matter what…the past is behind us now.  Time to forgive yourself and leave that hurt behind in North Carolina,” the young girl said very casually.  “But I must tell you something…” 

(She starts fading out fast as in a sudden fog…Claire is hearing a train horn off in the distance) 

Rebekah shook her back into this reality.  Her lips were brushing against Claire’s as she embraced her tightly, skin against skin.  Sweat against freshly perfumed Mango scent.  Rebekah had just showered and wore a silk robe and nothing more.  Her aroma just took her breath away and caused her inner goddess to desire her legs wrapped around that angel face of hers. 

“What were you dreaming about baby,” Rebekah said to her.  “I heard you say Toni, Toni, is that you?” 

It’s nothing sweetie. I guess I was talking out loud again in my sleep.  I must be missing those hot, humid Southern nights of my Raleigh days, that’s all.” 

Well I hope you weren’t cheating on me with some Victoria Secret angel in your dream.  I can fix that right now for my sexy as fuck babydoll.” 

Rebekah slowly runs her hand down, tracing Claire’s peach colored lips with two fingers and moving in a gentle yet relaxing pace to unfasten her lace bra, tossing it to the right side of the bed.  Teasing her perky breasts and tender nipples with her ravishing tongue as if performing a seductive dance and breathing a warm breeze unto her smooth angelic milky skin…

To be continued. 

©2017 Passion Dreams Publishing in collaboration with DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved.  

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