Silencio Diaries – Hush Hush In The Rush Rush 

Truth often emerges in stillness and silence…” Sarah Vermunt-‘Careergasm’ 2017

When we rush rush we fail to hush hush.  How can we hear the Sounds of Silence if we’re too busy trying to please others who only give a damn about us if we keep giving ourselves freely to them on their terms.  If we give up too much, what reserves will we have to keep for our own self.  

Cluttered Closets of Hidden Chaos 

In the chaos of the crowd we feel overwhelmed and overly spent.  We crash and burn while others photobomb our most private of moments.  The red neon light of distraction seek to provide an escape…only to divert attention away from the resistance we must face in order to take corrective action.  

In the end “the enemy is us.  We are only raging against ourselves.” –Sarah Vermunt 

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