On The Magical Path Ahead Use Caution – Beware the Mad Haters 

The Mad Haters in your own Wonderland of this Magical Paradise 

The haters will abound but you can use the opportunity to bounce off them as you focus on that dream or desire up ahead.  There will arise many obstacles, challenges, and roadblocks on your free-will chosen path to greatness.  

Most of the time these haters are so consumed with unrestrained jealousy, misguided anger, or the disparity of emotional or mental fear in their own commitment to something tangible or edifying.  

We all have a void to fill in our lives; why rent space to someone else’s regrets or misplaced dreams when you have your own passion to pursue.  

You own it, you aspire to live it on your own terms.  

©2017 DIVE Publishing. All Rights Reserved. 

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