Today Your Kick-Ass Angel Has This To Say…

Those Hot Mic Moments…

Yesterday I got just a little too vocal on my day job.  I almost used profanity if you can believe that and most of you know I hate fucking obscenity.  So for those of you easily offended I will sanitize this post just a bit like some of you should in that dirty ass bathroom of yours.  

Anyways I used shoot instead of shit but some others misheard what I said.  I guess you can’t say ‘shoot’ in this stressful work environment.  

But isn’t that how life is?  We get so stressed out about things we have no immediate control or direct authority to change or remedy the crap we encounter on a day to day basis.  You pick your battles accordingly and strategically weigh all your controllable options.  

The same goes not just for our professional relationships but our personal ones as well.  It is wise to listen first with a full outsider understanding of the problem at hand and then try to see the other persons point of view.  

That casual misunderstanding may lead to another opportunity to achieve a higher standard for not only our team but for our personal and professional growth as well. 

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