Finding Meaning In Our Collective Coexistence – from the series: Making America Give A F*ck Once Again 

Learning To Give A Fuck Once Again In The Age of Intellectual Idiocy 

No matter your present challenge or circumstance, learn to embrace with open arms every fuck that comes your way.  Whether it’s from your past or as recent as today.  We all fuck up at some point in our life; many of us are just pros at it or hide behind our fake-ass self-righteous persona like we are as infallible as the Pope. 

I’ve got news for you…Everybody shits.  It’s just that assholes dump on others to get what they want and won’t hesitate to hoard the whole roll just to wipe themselves.  

Just keep in mind, we live in a world surrounded by haters who love nothing better than to see us face down in the mud.  Or worse yet in their own shit they stank the whole damn office up in; simply because they either didn’t give a flying fuck or were just too incompetent to give a crap.  

Our Best Assets To Invest In…Toilet Stocks 

The important thing to remember is we must wipe our own ass and flush our own toilets.  It’s not only the right thing to do, but it shows others that we truly and honestly with integrity and compassion give a meaningful and heartfelt fuck to those around us.  

Diversify Your Worthy Fucks 

We can all learn from the diverse array of fucks along our journey to love. Sometimes you just gotta have faith in not just yourself but in others and not just in the sacred but in the obscene.  Even if your ass gets nailed to a tree.  

©2017 DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Life is not always a full flush” 

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