Claire’s Coming Out Party

She always listened to those around her; outside her inner circle of friends and family.  But now she couldn’t even trust her own siblings.  Her parents always supported her; even her ‘coming out,’ they were there for her.  At least their tone was not condescending like those so-called Christians, the holier-than-Jesus Christ freaks.  Claire would always flash those young boys in white shirts, dress slacks, and ties who rode the bikes to and fro.  

She always loved fucking with the heads of these Joseph Smith lovers and on one occasion actually gave head to two of these boys as they read to her scripture from their Book of Mormon.  They both came so hard and tasted deliciously sweet.  She loved their surprised faces as she stripped off all her clothes; one article at a time.  Then laying on the kitchen table as they both sucked on her clit with such intensity that she came more than once all over their tongues.  She loved the way her vagina tasted and knew her juice was the best damn sweet tea in town.  

Ok, maybe she was conceited and arrogant as a privileged sorority bitch giving a frat boy or sexual newcomer head, but hell… every guy and just about all girls who weren’t blind didn’t hesitate to take a quick peek everytime she wore her tight-ass fitting daisy dukes and her cut off shirt revealing so much cleavage and a nip tease even the most randy of souls would resurrect themselves from the grave.  If only Toni could see her now, she’d love nothing more than to howl at the full moon while fucking Cali-zombie style against her granite headstone while overlooking the 405. 

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