Monumental Moments in Time – Dealing with the Inner Shadows of the Heart (from the Flight 2 Love Diaries

It was all such a crazy beautiful dream or visitation from…No it can’t be just my imagination because it seems so fucking real, I can smell, feel, and taste you…

The light is so bright. There is a procession of angelic beings, all surrounding a very beautiful and flawless girl. Her facial features remind Claire of someone close to her and her body slender and petite. Her eyes lock with hers and suddenly she feels so out of place and as if she just crashed an exclusive gala of A List celebrities. All the angels are wearing transparent gowns, are barefoot, with tiaras of white roses, and as far as she can tell nothing else. The girl at the center of the procession, it dawns on her is Toni. She is completely perfect and completely exposed; both inside and out. Her smile reveals perfectly aligned teeth, her skin creamy white, and her hair black and long down to her lower back. Claire now realizes the reason Toni is naked and pure as the day she was born out of her mother’s womb. She is about to be initiated into the heavenly realm of paradise and given her ceremonial uniform and tiara of love. Gone are the imperfections; the tats, the blemishes, the bruises, the cut marks, the scars of her chaotic life on earth. Toni is about to speak then suddenly…

Claire, Claire baby…She is thrust backwards as if in an accelerator, falling not vertically down but horizontally across a blurred tunnel until the light slowly diminishes out of view and into pitch blackness.

Claire wakes up! It takes a moment to realize where she is. Its an unfamiliar bedroom with these large wall to wall portraits of old people but dressed in weird old school attire. Like where the fuck am I?

Claire I’m so gonna kick your ass out of that bed, butt-naked if I have to! Oh god, Claire exclaims. No but you’re close, its Goddess Helena to you my bad ass beautiful drama queen.

In case you’re wondering Angelica just stepped out to the market to pick up a few things. You both were plastered last night and I saw you both pissing on the steps of the Cattedrale di Pisa. You were both taking selfies and flipping off the camera, something about your drunken crusade to fight against the Catholic hierarchy. I was with my friends and thought, it can’t be. So I dragged your happy half-naked asses back to my pension to stay the night.


“Damn girlfriend I haven’t seen you in a long ass fucking time.  What you been up too?  


“Don’t tell me you forgot all about our threesome during the Oktoberfest in Munich.  I guess you were way too drunk to miss my pussy?”  She spreads her legs, lifts up her lavender floral gown and reveals a heart-shaped bit of hair above an otherwise clean shaven clit.  She has a tat of an angel with a tiara of thorns on her head and bare breasts the same size as Claire’s; 36 C, just below her navel. 


“Oh baby pleases forgive me.  I was much younger then and a fool for any girl who spoke with an accent then.  But trust me, I still remember that moment to this day and this is the reason fatem, destiny…since what else would bring us together again?  God you are still a bad ass angel.  Do we even have time for a quickie?”

Just then the doorbell rings and Angelica is standing there with her tote shopping bag filled with the most beautiful flowers and a bottle of the best Merlot available from the local vineyard.  Sorry I ran out while you were sleeping but I wanted to surprise you all with this.  I, huh, didn’t interrupt anything have I?  Because I know you two used to have a thing; I can see it in your eyes…

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