‘Southern Assesstories’ – from the Flight 2 Love Diaries (Disclaimer: Mature Content) 

Sublime Intentions – Taste Testing the American Dream

Claire is reading her FB newsfeed on her social media account; Infowars.com headline reading World War 3 Imminent: While the US is distracted by antiquated Confederate statues and monuments.  Civil unrest and riots brewing in several US cities as President Trump convenes a secret meeting at Mount Weather with his National Security team. 

I’m scared.  Do you still believe we can change the world together?  You remember the time we made that pact together while students on study abroad in Europe,” Claire passionately spoke to Angelica; her passion-rose angel with a fragrance so intoxicatingly rich it would put her into a deep lover’s trance.  

“You know I do Claire Pie, but we were young and stupid and god knows what else.  We also didn’t have a care in the world and you and I both know if it weren’t for your inheritance we would have never met.  You can’t turn back time and resurrect your dead parents.  But you’ve got to admit, our last two years spent backpacking and learning in University was a dream come true baby!” 

“I know Angel and without you I’d still be making fraps for those nerdy ass geeks at State who’d be wishing it were them in bed with me rather than you…Hey remember that time we stripped off our uniforms and grinded all over the freshly ground coffee beans?  Your body was brewed and ready to pour!” 

“Claire baby, you will always be my number one frappy scrappy Sexergizer bunny, you just get my inner goddess going and going until I’m out of my flippin’ mind.” 

Angelica couldn’t keep from kissing her on the lips as they both embraced unashamedly in front of an older middle aged couple staring at them in utter disbelief.  

“I’ll fuck you right here and now if you want, don’t you dare tempt me you randy bitch, you know I’ll make an Oscar award winning scene or shall I say climatic scream!, exclaimed Angelica to Claire’s surprised blushing face.  “You know you are an exhibitionist at heart…God you got a body of a fallen angel.  I so want to tear off all your clothes and ravage my tongue all over that silky smooth skin of yours.” 

An A for Asstounding Aspirations 

Angelica had befriended Claire in Seminar during her first week at the Sprachinstitut  Tübingen.  They both hit it off almost the first day of school and were inseparable ever since.  The innovative approach to language learning at the University drew students from over 20 different participating countries.  Angelica was from Cebu, Philippines while Claire came from the US, however her ancestral roots were originally from Prague, Czech Republic.  

Promise me baby that you will never ever leave me alone in the big city,” Angelica would in her most sensual pouty voice whisper to Claire during their first evening encounter together as they shared a bed at this youth hostel just outside of Pisa, Italy called the Hotel California.  It was an ancient Catholic monastery and still retained a simple yet sacred aura about her.  You can almost hear the sounds of Gregorian chants throughout the musky rooms of ‘solitary abstinence.’ 

California Dreamin 

They had been backpacking for a few hours upon their morning arrival by train.  Claire had broken out into her karaoke playful spirit and belted out the chorus to the Eagles song when she saw the sign along the highway.  She was no Alicia Keyes but just watching those pouty perky lips made me desire her tongue all over me.   

Her Lonely Planet guidebook had the listings to all the cheap hostels and pensions in the country.  Claire’s sense of adventure was the driving force leading her to apply for this once in a lifetime trip to study in Germany, plus she had to get away from all the craziness happening in America.  

A Higher Learning Curve – Southern Disclosure 

Antifa was gaining media traction in Durham, North Carolina where she was attending Duke University.  Her girlfriend at the time threatened to expose her secret past to the administration and her employer if she didn’t join her in their protests.  

Claire didn’t see why destroying old Confederate statues or spray painting monuments with anti-Trump slogans was necessary and felt it just hurt their original cause.  

She and Holly were intensely romantically involved at the time and it pained her to make a choice between doing the wrong thing or what she felt was morally right.  Destruction of historical artifacts and monuments in her home state just seemed to be a betrayal to her love for preserving cultural heritage sites.  

She was a huge social studies advocate and getting an A in high school for her senior project would come as no surprise.  She documented all of the statues and had created a living visual field trip curriculum study guide to all the cultural-specific sites of historical interest. Out of principle she would break her relationship off with Holly and risk the public humiliation if her ex ever disclosed her deepest darkest secrets.  She would take it with her to death as she would promise her late mother and father every time she visited their final resting place.  

She was most at peace and her intimate self during these late night strolls along the gravestones.  The finality of her mortal existence gave her a reason to take a chance in conjuring life out of her dead past sexperiences…at least for this new season with Angelica. 

She was no angel by any means but she respected their legacy and role in raising her in the best way they saw fit to do what she could to combat the demons haunting her secret past and taunting at her most intimate shadows. She could never forgive herself for Toni’s untimely death. Her memory of her wild nights with fleshly unsettled intent still permeating every fiber of her inner being.  As though Toni was still embracing her tightly to sleep, her presence cold as ice to the touch but warm as the sun to her dry lips…

Next Chapter: Monumental Moments in Time – Dealing with the Inner Shadows of the Heart

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