Today Your Bad-Ass Angel Screams Within…From The Lost Diary of Eve

“I would imagine a paradise; so beautiful and magical, yet still a living hell without my soulmate. It’s not. I chose to bite into the forbidden fruit of wisdom, seeking both physical pleasure and intellectual stimulation. A taste so succulent and sinfully divine yet so intoxicatingly sweet. I was once One in the garden of this magical paradise, taken for granted as if the moment would last forever. Now alone and surrounded by bountiful empty forsaken pleasure.” Excerpt from The Lost Diary of Eve – Chapter One: Empty Promises – Naked Isolation


Spark of Intense Madness to Ignite our Soul Aflame’

Maybe the whole point of life is to find meaning in the emptiness, to ignite a ‘spark of intense madness’ in the passion, to laugh out loud through the pain, and to forgive your crazy ass past.

Only then will we discover the eternal flame within to guide others along the way. So it is with relationships loved and lost on our sometimes lonely journey and treacherous path to passionate discovery. Saving ourselves at the risk of losing ourselves in the incremental climate change of despair.

Maybe its not always about us, rather its about how we deal with the beautiful type of pain and past within others who share this stage of life with us.

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