Today Your Path To Love Is Accessible And Wide Open…(from the Passion Angel Diaries) 

Today your path to love is fully accessible and wide open, but you may have to put on your Powerbeats 3 and walk it alone…

When the world trips you up, knock them down harder with love.  Insanity only breeds more contempt for the truth around you.  

It is far easier to hate those we disagree with than to love in our current climate.  A change of heart only comes from a change of deep reflection within.  We may have only limited choices, however we are blessed with unlimited potential to love unto others.  

Engaged to be…I do unto me 

You don’t need to love your imperfections in the mirror at the same level as the ‘more perfect self’ you strive to be.  It is your responsibility to choose in both the eye of the storm and the rage of it; the best path for your own life. 

You may feel abandoned by people in your darkest challenges; looking from the outside of your personal reality as you are excluded from their illusionary inner circle.  The strength to overcome these changing weather ‘life events’ in your own life is to seek help from God and tap into that higher potential deep within. 

Time to look beyond the chaos of collective confusion…as we embrace the diversity of ‘open’ opinion outside our own ‘comfortable’ conditioning. 

© 2017 DIVE Publishing and Mark Adam Media.  All Rights Reserved. 

#PassionAngel #DreamAngel #EmbraceLove 

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