Your Kick-Ass Angel Speaks To Your Heart and Soul…Tongues of Fire (LA Chat Over Coffee) 

Speaking with Pierced Tongues of Fire Fanning the Flames with Passion and Desire 

The written word and spoken word are quite different. An author for instance can stir inner passion and inspiration while an great orator can conjure a living breathing being out of the text into real life; causing people to either take action or follow in step with a leader for the cause of Liberty or Tyranny.  

The placement of certain words also can be very effective in stirring emotion or provoking a certain response or reaction out of others. How you choose to perceive or interpret words is up to you, otherwise they are just letters. 

In the end we must answer to a higher power for our actions here on this chaotic mess we call Planet Earth.  We can either learn to seek first through understanding and critical thinking… writing love letters or continuing to speak with tongues of fire and hate.  

So we can go forth fanning the flames of passion to provoke a heartfelt response or keep spreading uncontainable toxic fires with self-serving hateful desires, provoking a reactionary fight or flight from true love.  

©2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Ignite your Passion” TM 

#LAChatOverCoffee #KickAssAngel 

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