Today Your Kick-Ass Angel Wants You To Know…(LA Chat Over Coffee) 

The Fight For Love Is Worth The Pain In The Passion…

If you’re looking for a fight…look no further than love.  For it’s the greatest struggle as we engage the storms with all our might and fight for what is truly right.  Passion for what you believe makes you come alive and sets your soul on fire.  

Grounded Control In The Chaos 

There is beauty in the pain and sometimes it’s okay to lose control.  Just don’t lose yourself in the process on your life path to love.  

The search for true love will not always be the glamorous life regardless of the Fergie in your embrace.  It is indeed worth the pain in the pleasure as we seek with all our innermost passions for something higher…greater than ourselves. 

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Be the love that ignites the world on fire” © 2017 DIVE Publishing.  

#LAChatOverCoffee #DailyGrind #Grounded #BadAssAngel #FightForLove 

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