Today Your Destiny Angel Desires You To Know

What Are You Waiting For? 

There is no perfect moment or Hollywood movie scenario to change your destiny and your life.  Only you can make it (that dream) happen; not some magical crystal ball, Tarot Card reading, Runes, Astrology or Numerology report.  There is no Illuminati Secret code book for success, nor some ancient incantation to conjure up what you want, as if you have a subservient angel at your beck and call to fulfill your every want and desire, but that’s not what your body and mind necessarily needs.  As if we are waiting for that mind blown climatic experience, only to find us craving more than that ‘perfect illusion.’  Maybe its time to embrace yourself and all of your unlimited potential beyond the sheets of mere existence.  

That ‘genie in a bottle’ is imploring you to make your wish, but she will only receive onto her what your heart and soul truly desires.  Don’t let your ‘past (relational) expectations’ prevent you from exposing your ‘simple sensoul beauty’ as you explore yourself in the mirror of divine love.  It’s time to disrobe your true heart-centered intentions and release that power deep within, screaming to come out and set her free.  

Life is your choice…Its time to own it!

The Secret already resides in and through you.  But we can’t wait for that perfect storm to cleanse us or that life boat will pass us by.  The Universe likes action, so when the moment is there; that subconscious cosmic nudge from within…ACT. 

We blink and now its gone.  Don’t waste another moment thinking about what should have happened in the past.  Rather act on what you will do now to manifest vision into reality; changing your life and releasing that beautiful type of pain free.  

Magical Reality With Shoes To Match 

In order to create something awesome, you must surround yourself with positivity and open your heart, mind, body, and soul…getting naked with yourself and others on the stage of global consciousness in your quest for personal revival.  Allow yourself the chance to love again and start living out loud in the extreme climax before your magical ‘bunny’ vanishes and all you’re left with is the hat.  

Your ‘perfect illusion’ can become your ‘perfect conclusion.’ 

© 2017 DIVE Publishing
“Life is a choice…Its up to us to own it.”

Photo credit: Google Stock Images 

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