Your Fortune Cookie Wisdom For The Weekend Is…

Stripping Off Everything And Diving In

Strip off everything which hinders you from moving forward and diving off the cliff of complacency into couragency.  When we become vulnerable…getting buck-naked before the one/s we love and accept who we are as we stand in front of the fractured mirrors of our past; we free ourselves from the expectations others expect in us.  

When we are fully transparent and comfortable in our own ‘imperfect skin;’ blemishes, scars, and all…We invite others to share in this opportunity to embrace our diversity and honor our collective passion in this beautiful type of pain we call ‘buck-naked faith’ in ourselves and others on our ‘flight 2 love.’ TM 

© 2017 DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 
“Finding Meaning Between The Sacred And The Profane.” TM 

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