Today Your Destiny Angel Desires You To Know…

Life Is A Highway – Whose Driving You?

You will always have some type of unexpected challenge to resolve and/or rise above.  Consider it a learning curve on this interstate highway of life…as you allow others to either pass you by or to embrace these unexpected, newfound relationships and chance encounters as yet another opportunity to begin again and to bounce from your past.  Your present is now and your future starts afresh today with the choices you make; from the bedroom to the boardroom of your quintessential and maybe even quirky life. 

Your Change of Direction Begins In Your Desert Oasis 

However if you allow the pain of your past (even if it was yesterday) to decide your choice to do nothing to change, then you will miss out on the latest opportunity our Universe and God has in store for you.  But you must take action today.

You may not always know where your chosen road leads…but as you move forward towards your intended greatness…Destiny will make herself known to you.  Just be patient, relax, and enjoy the journey. 

© 2017 DIVE Publishing 
“Recalibrate your GPS for greatness” 

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