Today Your Rainbow Angel Of Divine Love Wants You To Know…

To Be True Universal Citizens Means Embracing The Differences Within Our Global Community

Inclusiveness starts from within the heart.  As we honor our own diversity and inclination to change our own perspective in this dynamic, fast-paced global society, we learn to love as God loves us all.  The Universe works for all of us, hence not a single one of us is one in a million stars for we are all part of the celestial body of light.  The light which grows ever brighter as our own awareness through tolerance is strengthened in the open embrace of another-no matter the gender, affiliation, faith, status, or worldview of our Universal Rainbow Citizens as we are all created for a purpose of which only you and I can identify with…as we honor our dream and the legacy of the Visionary Giants before us who have run that race in making America and the world great once again. 

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