Your Freedom Angel Wants You To Know…

The Freedom of Choice is a Sacred Sacrifice 

Freedom is not just some grand aspect of our representative democracy to be taken for granted.  

The smell of sulfur and mesquite in celebrations with family and friends are signatures of the liberty ideal we hold dear in our hearts and souls. 

So whether your alone or together with loved ones or your life partner, lounging poolside, shoreside, or bareside in your paradise villa with a climatic view to embrace… 

Fifty Shades of Glory 

Remember that freedom is never truly free and it takes a global community to honor the dream we proudly live under Fifty Shades of Glory and our collective Red, White, and Blue.  

It’s in the diversity of our shooting stars; both native and newly welcomed global citizens whom see America as not just a place for greater opportunity and success… 

Smorgasbord Freedom 

Rather what you can bring to this great banquet table of blessings and BBQs in honor of our shared tolerance and commitment to these time-tested beliefs in God, faith, charity, and love.  

So as we ignite the color around us and light up our night, keep those whom are still fighting in distant lands lifted up as we honor those chosen few; brave and courageous men and women whom sacrifice to set us free. 

© 2017 DIVE Publishing 

Thank God for making America Greater Once Again. 

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