The ‘Not So Secret’ Passion Fire Principles For Living Out Your Delayed Dream – Firestarter Habit # 1 

Age Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to living out your dream (whatever it may be), age doesn’t matter.  You can start young.  In fact the sooner you do, the faster you will get there.  If you procrastinated or have drifted off-course for a long duration or a short spell; you can get back to the start once again. 

The Written Word Becomes Your Changed Reality 

When you write down your goals and dreams…You are more prone to make it happen (especially the more specific you are in terms of details, dates, and key benchmarks). 

Buy yourself a day planner and start setting realistic and achievable benchmarks.  Reward yourself with a certain incentive to better motivate you in completing that goal and partner up with a team buddy or your significant other.  Choose someone who will hold you accountable and push you to your uncomfortable limits…to the very edge of that cliff.  

Fight That Beast Within 

It is only when we are challenged by our own resistance and fight that mental and psychological fear that we bring out the best in us.  Our minds and bodies love to be challenged and can be conditioned to adapt to change.  One need only look to our ancestors and the stages of evolutionary transformation which prepared them to face the adversity of their day and evolve in order to survive.  

Our Evolutionary Greatness 

So does age matter?  Not if you choose to ignore your self-doubts and subconscious conditioning in pro-consciously taking that first step in writing your intentions and desires down and making it happen.  

© 2017 Mark Adam and DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

Evolve Into Your Changed Life

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