Today Your Destiny Warrior Wisdom Is…

Your Breakthrough Comeback Or Your Big Dream Breakout 

Your moment of change begins when you realize that only you can make it happen. (Not your peers, partner, or parents-unless they own the place and you work for them). But nonetheless, stop living someone else’s dream or that of your parents looking down from heaven, may they both Rest In Peace.  I love you both.  

High School Haze – College Daze 

We have been taught that if you work hard in school and get great grades then you can apply to the best colleges, do the internships, then just walk into your office with an awesome view of the Chicago River.  You would then order yourself the perfect wife, 2.5 kids, a nice home in Lincoln Park, and a cat (because lets face it, dog people are just weird-my apologies to those who sleep with one).  Life’s a bitch sometimes.  

Back to the original premise.  How many have listened to those conflicting voices outside our own heads.  Those dream-slayers I call them as if God appointed them to be your most annoying self-righteous good angel (like Minnie Mouse on a schroom-induced acid trip). 

 I prefer the company of bad-ass angels who are willing to get jacked up in life’s uncertain moments, embracing the profane in order to achieve the sacred by penetrating the inner core of our truest most passionate nature and desires.  

And they say listening to our own internal (at times audible) voices is just plain crazy 😜 especially if you respond back in kind.  The great revelation comes when we speak out loud to that voice within and answer back with a definitive response.  Just don’t do it at work or else you may find yourself waiting in line at the local soup kitchen.  

We Live, We Learn To Love

It’s in our mistakes, failures, and ultimate screw ups when we get back to the start of where God first gave us our mission to accept (but maybe you rejected it as well) or opted out for Practical Complacency.  

Instead His plan for you is the awesome-filled adventure of an uncertain but expectant purpose and viral thrill for living a fun life.  Much like those best selfies you wish to share like all the time until you get millions of likes or that first date.  But imagine a life where every single day is like that; minus the bad hair days, the one night motel room stand ( and no thank you ma’am or even a diamond ring), and that eviction notice on your door.  

We can dwell on our past WTFs and let it continue to poison our souls like some Fukushima-type self-inflicted disaster, or else take a huge bite of that sushi and kiss the one you are with as you embrace together the next thrill ride of uncertainty in your life of dreams or screams in search of that next adventure. 

Now be still and listen to those voices inside your head (and that crazy lover and partner with a criminal mind sharing the same bed) telling you to GOYA and start living.  (Just make or order her/him  breakfast and Starbucks in the morning). 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

Listening to those voices inside your head…telling you to just let it go.” 

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