Prayers to all those affected by today’s senseless violence. 

Free to Rant and Rave – But To Love All We Must

It’s difficult to imagine a free society divided and imploding within itself over a legitimately elected President.  However the underlying hatred and discontent was boiling under the very fabric of our once culturally-rich and United States of America.  We are in dire straits and in need of a revival of the heart and soul of this great land of immigrants; free and yet to be freed. 

The Silent Haters of Intolerance – Finding Our Liberal/Conservative/Independent Voice Again Through 45

Before the election we were told to remain silent or face reprimand for our cause.  If we did not think like the globalist elite left or neo-cons, then we were (and still are) considered racists, intolerant, uneducated, religious freaks, or gun masturbating nutjobs who fantasize over the latest spread in Guns and Ammo like some do with their latest adult-oriented magazine.  

I would say that the majority of us free-thinkers don’t consider ourselves to be religious, homophobic, transphobic, conservative, or even militant gun lovers.  

We just want to protect our homes, property, family, and ourselves from the criminal element we see so prevalent around us.  We are law abiding citizens and non-citizens whom love this country so much that our ancestors laid down their lives so we can worship God or not, assemble in a faith-based center or not, go to a private Christian or other faith-based school or not, choose whom we love regardless of gender, status, politics, or race and  freely voice our choice for who we desire to lead this great country of ours. 

We Will Rise Above As Eagles Soaring On High 

We will continue to make America and the global community of free citizens great again.  We will overcome this catastrophic storm before us.  It will only get worse before it gets better but we must find that silver lining in our dark skies. 

Share the rainbow 🌈 love of our great and beautiful Universe. 

Stop this storm of hate before it’s too late. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

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