CA Living (The OPS Principles Series) 

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OPS Drill #

Sustained Vision (SV) and Burning Desire (BD) are prerequisites for Committed Action (CA).  To achieve anything greater outside ourself requires more than CA Dreaming. 

Visualize your New Life in the Embrace of Destiny

Never allow the haters or the doomsayers steal your momentum and enthusiasm for achieving the worldly and seemingly impossible.  

We may not have the physical eyes to see that dream manifest yet into our presence.  However we have the spiritual mindseye to place our future self into our present reality.  

Vision ‘hover’ board your way to success 

We may not have access to time travel but we do have the potential to tap into this Secret realm of greater opportunity yet to come.  

Visualize Yourself Home 

Your place to call home is deep within.  Your soulmate may or may not be with you physically but be assured she is with you already waiting for you to walk through that door to the other side and embrace her with arms wide open. 

Global Visionary 2020 

All we must do is visualize that dream daily, taking the action needed, one step at a time.  That’s all the Universe requires of us.  The visionaries are few but the season is ripe for the harvest.  Expand your mind and step into the portal of higher consciousness and receive the blessing Reserved Just For You.  

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“Believe in yourself as you embrace destiny within” 

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