Candy Coated Unicorn Poo – Eating from the Rainbow of Life (The OPS Principles Series) 

OPS Drill #2  

Unicorn poop is just a natural part of life.  You must watch where you step and navigate around the piles of chaos on your life path to success. 

Chaos in Overdrive 

Life is a beautiful type of mess.  Like our childhood days of licking the freshly mixed cake batter or chocolate icing off the wooden spoon and getting that sweet mess all over our face. 

The perfect unicorn life sucks kinda of…Kumbaya summer camp skinny dippin in Lake Raleigh sort of fun…

So it is with our search for that perfect relationship where the unicorns all sing and we live in the land of the rainbow on Gum Drop Lane with whipped cream clouds raining down Hershey Kisses from heaven.  To me the perfect one is like that marshmello you toast over the campfire, burning with flames of passion on the outside and all sticky and gooey with sweetness overload on the inside.  

Life is not always like a box of chocolate covered marshmallows or coffee flavored creamy goodness.  Sometimes you are stuck shoveling unicorn poop in what seems like a three-ring circus with an overflowing clown car.  

No I’m not talking about Washington DC; I’m talking about the colorful cast of characters in your (one act or more) (life) stage play, however we don’t have a TelePrompTer nor cue cards to give us our next line, so we screw up royally.  Sometimes feeling like angels pissing on our self-contained little parade. 

Sweet dreams are sometimes full of unicorn poop…

Ok, maybe we all don’t have sweet dreams and yours seem more like eating a mouth full of lemon drops or Sour Patch Candies, then we puke all over our freshly shampooed carpet or (worse yet) in public on our BFFs or lovers shoes.  

Putting on your best damn poker face your fear…

In the end we put on our best poker (pucker) face and say f*ck it, because I’m happy,’ life is right on track as we cruise with our hover board down this new cyber interactive hologram highway; with or without the one you love (but maybe luving the one you are with) even if it’s for a short spell. 

Mistakes can be a blessing in disguise…

The most important and successful people we meet, see, or hear on social or conventional media have f*cked up at some point (or many points) in their life.  We have seen our own elected officials say or do things which reflect poorly on statesmanship but what about our daily life of family, work, or school.  

We may not hold public office but we do have the ears and eyes of those closest to us whom seek examples of leadership in the midst of personal crisis or initiative in the face of executive action on the job.  

Mistakes can make us stronger…

As we learn from our mistakes, we then become stronger in the next go round to confront different or similar challenges in a more strategic approach.  Life may be chaos personified but how we choose to deal with it should not be. 

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All Rights Reserved. 

“If You are Dreaming, maybe you just need a good slap on the butt from your best friend to wake your ass up to reality…cause life sucks only when you are not truly alive and kicking.” 

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