Be OG (The OPS Principles) 

Be OG (Open Globally) Where U R At…

When we think globally while acting locally in our own diverse communities…we begin to embrace our own diversity within.  We can then apply OPS (On Purpose Success) to our daily regiment; both privately and publicly.  It’s these private challenges which can prove our greatest public victories; when we fully embrace the OPS Principle as we own them in our daily journey through our personal interactions with loved ones, partners, or friends and the private or business urban jungle we must navigate through as we swing by the end of our tethered ropes.  

Global-shift, Inner-quake…

The first fundamental shift in our thought process, especially from an unconscious level, must become a part of our inner strategy so we can more fully achieve that public victory. 

OPS Drill #1 

1. How We Perceive Others Is How We Perceive Ourselves. 

This manner of perception as we stare into that mirror of self-centered deception or people-oriented reflection.  Some of our mirrors may be broken; jagged and cracked from our past actions or mistakes as we blame circumstances or others for our own life-directed choices.  

Broken glass-Fractured past (Thou shalt not rule my future self nor Universal soulmate…)

I know it’s hard to look back on your past (whether with a beer or a glass of wine or the latest Starbucks trendy frappe drink) but look back we should…but only to reflect and learn what action steps to take better or not to take.  

As long as we learn we can achieve that OPS in our immediate work, personal, or faith-based relationship.  

Mirror, mirror on the wall-Where’s that dreamer I once knew…

Look at your image in the mirror through that person whom may think differently than you (on any issue; work-related or otherwise). And try your best to actively listen (which I know is tough to do in this crap eat crap world).  As you begin to take a very defined intent on actively listening you can then engage your own worldview and how you may be able to accommodate others through the common grounds of understanding and awareness. 

Till next time may your dreams present themselves to you with arms wide open.  

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