Snookie So Sweet and Savorlicious 

Fortunate Paradise Dreamin’

I’m surprised by how many people have given up on their dreams, choosing a life lived under duress and running on ice just to stay alive. 

Don’t FOYA 

You will fall on your ass or into someone else’s while in the struggle of the hustle but that’s life.  You either get up again or just cry into the lap of that snookie of yours who’s gonna leave you anyways if you don’t show them the love you both so desire. 

Eat Out or Take In 

Or you choose to order Chinese and share it with a Chow Mein kiss and get inspired to do something awesome together; maybe a midnight swim or a walk along the white sand beaches on a full moon night. 

Snookie Surprise 

Life is like a fortune cookie after your main entree.  You unwrap the covering, break open the fold, and see what surprise affirmation is inside.  Then you eat all the sweetness that awaits.  You may open one or two with no fortune…then the delayed response to your inquiry will net greater returns from the God who creates all fortunes from the floodgates of the Universe. 

Unfortunate In Love 

That just means you create your own and search for that meaning within the creative juices of your own mixtape; sure to spice up the ingredients in your culinary journey with that beautiful snookie in your secret garden paradise. 

Living The Foolish or Fortunate Life 

Fools in love, foolish hearts united as one song.  You can do what you want.  You just have to get it but you must try in order to succeed and keep reaching for that one who will not only give you all your innermost desires but will surprise you with fortunate success in all things.  

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Fortunate Love Waits Patiently in Time” 

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