Making The Most Of Destiny 

Love In The Moment 

Making the best of the moment, even if it means a text from that long-distance love, a phone call from family, or a FB post from someone you miss dearly. 

Just A Heartbeat Away 

The closest thing to being there is just one positive message, affirmation, or picture away from your heart to theirs.  That invisible thread which connects two soulmates together even against the rage and fury of this chaotic and unpredictable life.  

Infinite Love 

The brevity of our bodies may be finite in our personal paradise, but love is infinite and last forever. 

Trust In Destiny – It’s Written In The Stars 

Through God all things are not just beautifully-crafted; they are Universally-destined.  As we wish upon that shooting star which crosses our life path, we count the stars.  Hence all things are not just possible, they are probable.  But only if we choose to trust in the unseen and believe in love seen.  

© DIVE Publishing 2017 in partnership with SleeplessInCebu Productions and AV Global Media Group 2017. 

Photo credit: Ailene and Vincent 2017

“Through God All Things Are Probable”

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