Fear is No More – Faith is Forever More 

Love and Be Loved 

The moment you choose faith in yourself and the Universal power of love; you will attract positive people into your life and the fear you once knew will just vanish in the wind behind the shadows of your forgiven past. 

Born Again 2 Love 

You will then see your future self smiling back at you in the mirror of new opportunity and a change which sets your body on fire with passion once again. 


When you begin to look at your imperfectly beautiful self – blemishes, birthmarks, freckles and all you see the artistry of the divine worthy to showcase in the world’s finest galleries; from Los Angeles, New York City, Amsterdam, or Paris. The sky is the limit as you spread those butterfly wings of yours and fly. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017 in collaboration with GRC Media.  

“Ignite Your Passion” TM 

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