Dirty Bedsheets 

Smelly Kitty 

Don’t air all your dirty laundry out to dry on social media for the whole world too see.  No one wants to smell someone else’s filthy undergarments nor do we want to see your mess.   

Fluff and Fold 

It might take some stain remover, bleach, Tide, and some elbow grease to clean yourself up but in the end when you deal with the overflow of laundry in your secret closets…you will be one step closer to a new fragrant and beautiful you.  

Attract What You Are 

People will attract what they put out there so if you attract filth you get covered in mud.  If you attract cleanliness and an attitude of change for the better, you attract people into your life who will edify you in a bed of roses and sing to you a lullaby of passionate praise.  They will revive your soul with vigor and stamina to go the distance. 

If you feed into the pain in the shadows you will draw unto you negative people; the smell of dead fish lying around past its due date, numbing your senses till you lose all life, beckoning you to a shallow grave of deprivation and death. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

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