Are You On Fire With Desire? 

Unstoppable Wild Fire 

Don’t ever settle for less than your dream.  Don’t ever extinguish your flame of desire.  The fire must consume you till the winds of change can’t contain it. 


Your ‘future reality’ will only materialize when you scream “forget you” to your past shadows and embrace your ‘present self’ with a long, welcoming passionate hug. 

Universal Beauty Queen

Beauty is in the Power of our Mind; hence the beautiful type of love is like an angelic harp on wings of a dove from heaven above.

Above all else…Love never fails.  It endures above even the most beautiful type of pain.  

Heaven Sent 

For in our most passionate and intimate moments…we find ourselves in the embrace of our soulmate.  We become One as a celestial constellation shining our love on down.  We become that shooting star streaking across the heavens. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Naked and Unashamed Beauty Is Thy Name” 

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