The No Pride Zone 

Photo Credit: Google Images 

I give you the world…But at what price

You could be given the world, but squander the whole opportunity to play for the greater good.  With one act of selfishness and violent intent; what others can only dream about will be taken from you in the blink of an eye.  

Are you reliving your past while playing forward to winning?

Our past actions and associations should be left behind when the chance for a new beginning arises.  As with the former Patriots star player Aaron Hernandez who was given the opportunity of a lifetime only to find the shadows of his past enticing him to replay self-serving destructive actions which kept him from winning in the end. 

Choose Winning over Self-Defeating 

Our choices in friends, colleagues, and career will only inspire us to greatness if we all work together on the same team-choosing to live as our new future self in the present victories given to us as we open our hearts upward to our Universal energy source of all creation. 

You are entering the no pride zone

Pride always comes before a fall and his final life choices of which we all are privy to lesser degrees if not greater, can tackle us to failure no matter our own status.  

His disgraced legacy should serve as a reminder that you must forgive your past in order to move forward or adversely risk forfeiting your present opportunity to achieve Universal oneness and destined prosperity in serving not just your future self but those closest to you and your fan base as well. 

*GOYA Into Action 

To change your life, give all you have to me, all your gifts, talents, and even challenges and I will make you into a new transformed creation.  God will change your life, all you must do is trust and believe in His Universal plans for your next move.  He just requires one thing: *GOYA and Take Action. TM 

Trusting in the unseen and yet to be may seem obscene to others but to your inner most desires you hold sacred…The dream is already all too real and you’ve got skin in the game now. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017 

Winning is only everything if you choose to lose yourself to me” 

*GOYA-Get Off Your Ass 

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