Time to Get This Thing Called Life Right

Walking on sunshine in the storm or in an open meadow; singing on the Poppy Reserve or in the rain while rushing to the office. 

No matter where I am or my station in life I will always strive to be me because God created none other; even if some days are full of WTF moments or I fail to do the right thing.  

I am still alive and kicking and free to choose the change developing inside me as I can be and do anything (within reason) here and now.  

The land of destiny needs more lovers than haters, more dreamers than underachievers, and more Inspired-Visionares’ than ‘Self-serving Billionaires.’ 

Unless you were nailed to the cross to set us free; you or nobody in this purgatory ‘Oh Help Me God’ paradise has the right to judge me for being the imperfect person God and the Universe created me to be.  

Because as Lady Gaga would sing; “God makes no mistakes…I was born this way.” 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Just be Yourself and Stand apart from the crowd” 

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