Storm Slayer 

Good Company 

Life, either alone or with the company of friends or partners, should not be taken for granted.  

Blink Shift 

The seasons may shift in the rapid blink of an eye; changing the climate and transforming the journey in front of us.  


Sometimes it’s a beach as in a tropical paradise; other times it may be a bitch caught in the Tsunami of Circumstantial Practicality (TCP). 

The easiest thing to do is to give up after you tumble.  The best but most challenging action to take is to press on through the stormy weather even when you can’t see the other side. 

Find your personal revival within 

You don’t need to seek external salvation in the earthly realm in order to find the love and hope to change your life today.  

You need only trust that intuitive inner voice as it calls you by name to be born again.  Then to believe.  Only then will you receive the blessings the Universe pre-destined just for you.  Ordained on the heart altar as you drink from the chalice of love everlasting. 

Global Awakening 

The ‘Global Oneness’ transforming your mindset and reviving your imperfect body into a dynamic more perfect you; saved from the constraints of living a ‘half-glass empty’ life under ‘practical complacency.’ TM 

“Believe in the impractical to receive the impossible from a God who is unstoppable.” 

“Let Hate Go and Let Love In” 

#BlessYourself  #SalvationWithin #BornAgain2Love #LoveThyselfBeTrue 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

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