#EmbraceYourself (Part 3 of the #PassionCafe series) 

Free Love 

The best things in life are not free, but come with a price in love and sacrifice.  In commitment, patience, perseverance, and faith in the midst of the struggle.  

Relate 2 Love 

Relationships are like that.  Simple it is not, complicated as one makes it; however in the end only one thing should remain and be sharpened as a sword everyday-love without conditions or limitations.  

A Love Divine 

Free to love the one your heart desires in the embrace of your soulmate.  Kissing destiny through the eyes of the divine.  

Don’t be afraid of the unknown, for you are destined for love and never alone.  

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Release the pain, let destiny come inside” 

#DestinyDivine #KissingDestiny

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