Dancing in between Heaven and Earth 

A moment in time.  A season of love.  Losing my religion in the raging sea of regret.  Where is God when we are standing at the edge of the cliff-ready to release it all to the dive of fate.  The rainbow in the dark drawing us to come home. 

The air so crisp and cold it bites at my upper lip.  I am seeking an answer to my dilemma but just as a vapor to the wind it disappears into the night.  

Voices telling me to just let it go, some calling my name as I turn around to see who it was-no one is there.  I hear three knocks on the door.  Opening to a cool breeze blowing across my body as I stare off into the distance.

I imagine two shadows dancing across the room…as though rehearsing for a part in a Broadway musical.  However the music is silent and the words unspoken as the faceless but familiar silhouettes dance in unison as if in tune with two heart beats.  

I stare in wonder and amazement at the magical choreography in front of me.  As if the audience of one is me.  As if they saved the last dance for me before their soul flight into the great unseen.  

© DIVE Publishing 2017

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