One Simple Act – the Butterfly Effect of Change 

Disclaimer: DIVE Publishing is not affiliated with the above project and not associated with the organization stated.  We are providing the link for informational purposes only and receive no financial gifts or support for this cause.  

One Random Global Act (the Butterfly Effect) 

A tremendous project worth highlighting as a way in helping our global citizens access the most basic resource we need; water leading to crop irrigation.  

Look for ways in your own community or help if you can emerging global societies (EGS) do what they can to sustain themselves.  

Together we can achieve ‘Global Oneness’ (GO) one innovative life-transforming project at a time. 
The ‘ERC’ Project 

Be a part of our ‘Emerging Rainbow Citizens‘ Project (ERC) TM soon to be launched in Fall 2017.  

Together we can all unite in the cause of ‘Global Oneness.’ So GO and change your life then the world around you. 

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