Space-Dust in Wonderlust (Soaring through Complacency into Expectancy)

Why Am I Here?

When your life has been flipped upside down and all your so-called friends have left you behind…maybe God is trying to get your attention and speak to you through the sphere of influence around you.  

Where is God?

The Universe may be bigger than you or your circumstances but the creator of it is even greater than infinity. 

If God can create something mind-blowing out of seemingly nothingness or humans out of space dust…He can eradicate your problems, your barriers, your obstacles, your haters; therefore turning your circumstances into dust and transforming your new life out of the mud you found yourself stuck in.  

Intention in the Tension 

Do not let your pasttense get in the way of your presenttense.  There will always be tension in the struggle on our chosen highway between hell and heaven.  We may find ourselves in purgatory on earth but it doesn’t mean we should stay put, tied to a stake, and watch the flames consume our body as we engage in our destructive ways. 

Finding Desire 

There is better than the tangible fleeting things of this world which feed upon our fleshly desires.  

It’s the desires of the heart which connect us with the intangible new life beyond the fire of lust or hate-out of complacency into expectancy…that shooting star streaking across the expanse of opportunity.  

Letting It All Go 

You just need to let it go and let it show. 

Don’t just wish upon the stars, be the brightest one you see within the constellation of your life. 

© DIVE Publishing 2017

“Search for meaning in the unseen, then you will find yourself” 

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