Broken Mirror
You will not fully see your future self if you still cling to your broken past.  

You will get mired in your inner rage against things you cannot change.  

Profane Beauty

You must release the pain in order to achieve the gain; accepting the gift of living out loud under the rainbow of gratitude for the here and now.  It’s hard to find clarity or the sunrise through a reflection on broken fragments; fractures of missed opportunities or lost loved ones you’ve never had a meaningful chance to say goodbye or have closure.  

The Art of Letting Go is your masterpiece in the making.  It is up to you painting the canvas of your dreams…wherever you are on this journey called ‘Living in the Moment.’ TM 

©DIVE Publishing 2017


As a proud graduate of California State University, Chico with an earned BA degree in International Relations, Master of Arts degree in Public Policy, and a past study abroad participant at the University of Tuebingen, education has always been up front and center in both our family and my professional career. My blogging project is an eclectic work in progress and intended to increase global awareness through selections and stories of my studies and travels. As future global citizens we can seek first to understand one another through word pictures and engage our collective creative intellects to change our community; one blog at a time.

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