No Ocean Too Deep – The Artistry in Love Series 

If an ocean is the only thing separating you from the one you love maybe you’ve got to ‘think outside the boat, yacht, or freighter in your life.’  Or just need a bigger boat.  

True love will survive the pounding waves, it will calm the raging seas, it will prevent your life from capsizing. 

Remember love (if it’s meant to last more than a road trip) will outlast the journey you both are on as you set sail for that yet to be explored island paradise with a private hut prepared for two.  

Live like you have only that one thing on your mind.  That exotic dream within you, as you dive deeper, further than you ever imagined possible.  

©DIVE Publishing 2017

“Going All In.  Drink it down like Buko Juice.  Sweet like Paradise.” 

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