Open Season of Love 

We have four seasons in nature.  We have various forces of nature we must either adapt to survive, shelter in place, or move on to safer and maybe even foreign ground.  

Friendships are like seasons.  Our BFFs might only be those one or two people who we may have known since high school, college, or study abroad.  Our current lover may not be around longer than a Spring bloom.  

The long-term ‘thick and thin’ friends are the ones who if you are homeless, drowning, bleeding, or left for dead will lend their outstretched arm to save you, clean you up, give you salvation in their heart to call home, and revive you with a passion to survive beyond a reality of mere circumstances.  

Life is a beautiful type of pain, but somewhere in between heaven and earth we must find that pleasure deep within.  That Shalom which embraces your whole body, mind, and soul; keeping you warm even in the darkest of winters. 

Trusting in that still small intuitive voice within.  

©DIVE Publishing 2017

“Trust in that still small voice within” 

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