Whose On Your Dream Team 

You were destined for more than just being weekend warriors rooting for Duke in NC or the Lakers in SoCal. 

You were destined to put some skin in the game and play center since your rebounding skills are essential to ‘reinventing yourself’ in bringing it home.  

Your center may include family, children, spouse, partner, girlfriend, or just yourself and God or your chosen faith/life path.  

Don’t give up because in the tension, in the resistance; in the last few minutes of the game is when we find ourselves at our strongest…Going all in against the adversity of the forces around us as we score the winning shot. 

T-Tenacious Thinking 

E-Experience Expectancy 

A-Awesome Action

M-Making Moments Matter 

TEAM up with your most passionate fans.  Those in your life who are both willing to give and receive the best shared shots for a winning relationship.  

©DIVE Publishing 2017

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