Feed Your Flame of Desire

How Hot Is Your Desire to Stand in the Fire 

Only you know how much you really desire change.  

Only you know how you will achieve that outcome.  

Only you know how much passion is aflame in your heart.  

Burn Baby Burn for your Passion

If you burn with the fire of a dream unfulfilled you will know the intensity is extreme until action is taken towards it.  

If you aren’t burning like a torch of passion then you better turn up the heat on your desire.

Searching for the Dream between Pleasure and Pain 

Only then will you feel both the pleasure and pain of your beautiful type of purpose-driven vision. 

Only you know if the juice is worth the squeeze and just how far you will go to strip off everything which hinders your exposure in front of your God-given ‘Universal Mirror of Unlimited Potential.’ 

She who believes shall receive.  

©DIVE Publishing 2017 

“Let Your Grace Rain Down Like A Flood All Over Me” 

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