Change out of your Wet Clothes 

Changing out of wet clothes into some fresh dry ones can always be both refreshing and comfortable. 

Deciding what outfit is best for you can be a more longer lasting life choice but once you make it you have another opportunity to be more beautiful as ever with the one you love or with the bestest ‘onesie’ you can find-you. 

Everyday we have to decide what is best for us or our family if that is the case.  We tend to decide out of worry or fear; like what if I don’t get this job…how do I pay the bills, my rent, student loans, food.  Damn Top Ramon plain with nothing but MSG.  Popcorn for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  PB & J here I come.  

I knew this guy who ate popcorn for his entire semester in college.  He survived so will you.  But in the end the question to ask is still the same; am I driven by my passions, dreams, fears, pain, pleasure, complacent practicality.  

You don’t have to give up your day or night shift to pursue your inner desires.  You just have to find it within yourself to push further, deeper in than before; with or without your partner, lover, or BFF. 

You must run this marathon alone during the toughest season, the longest mile in order to taste sweet honey victory in the end.  

Let it overflow your senses and cover you in all its sticky yet flavorful goodness. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017

Ignite the Fire of Passion Deep Within” TM 

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