Smile from the ❤️ 

A simple smile or hello can be the highlight of someone’s day.  A wave of the hand or a bump of the fist can impact the partnerships around us.

When we go a step further and genuinely ask how they are doing we can change the atmosphere in an instant.  

That small gesture of recognizing and appreciating the humanity around us; regardless of culture, faith, political, orientation, or social creed will teach us to be better global citizens in a world divided by Boundaries of Hate and Intolerance.  

As I was going by a large group of students they proceeded to wave in unison.  That act of respect is the secret to ‘Bridge Construction.

Our final destination to Oneness within on the highway less traveled. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017

“Be the change you wish to experience in the community you call home.” 

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