Shouting in Silence 

Life isn’t always a popularity contest.  It’s not all about you.  

We can focus too much on our own self-image and the extension of our ‘selfie’ sticks in projecting our best side.  

In turn we neglect the humanity in those whose life picture is not the ‘glamorous selfie’as our own.  But tells the struggle out of their beautiful type of passionate pain.  

A picture may scream a thousand words to be heard but many suffer in silence, even in a crowded room.  

That noise within can be deafening while a sold-out crowd demands an encore.  The stage of life is a lonely place when the passion for living has lost all faith and hope in the unseen.  

In the end we bow down to our own fate before an audience of one and an empty stage. 

DIVE Publishing 2017

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