Lemon Living 

Photo credit: seevanessacraft.com

They say when life gives you lemons 🍋 to make lemonade.  I’d say life is too short for a sour puss face so mix in some strawberries for a sweet blend.  

Life will have its ups and downs.  People will lift you up and then push you down to get where they are going or if you’ve got nothing left to offer them. 

Your soulmate will not be digging for gold, silver, or diamonds.  Because he/she will already know the treasure within us is priceless and valued at a premium for those whose mind, body, and hearts 💕 are anchored in Universal love and grace.  

The beauty of knowing that life in the arms of that special angelic being is more about converging as one.  

We are best defined through our imperfect nakedness; shared wisdom and mission-driven potential than in the superficial sparkling bling-bling. 

Two hearts 💕 brought together by destiny will withstand the solar flares of this world 🌎. 

DIVE Publishing 2017

“Imagine Love Divine Within”

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