Naked Living 

Have you ever sat around your employee lounge and heard the conversations?  I have always enjoyed just listening to others talk and the topics which come up; especially on politics.  

However almost 99.8% of the time the issues discussed are outside our scope of influence and beyond our immediate control. 

So why bother talking about much ado about nothing.  Isn’t it time to rethink our thinking and get naked with our thoughts and ourselves.  

In order to create proactive change and not just lip service; we must do more than changing into a fresh pair of clothes.  

We must first strip off all our old clothes; getting down to the bare essentials, looking in the mirror of life and saying (sometimes SHOUTING at ourselves) ‘SEE ME.’ 

I’m happy for who I am but I can and will do better than my mundane ‘comfortable existence.’ Time to first expose your real self to yourself, then a close confidant who will not only be your friend, but your coach and ‘dream partner.’

Sometimes it takes two to ‘get naked’ together and to share in transparent dreams and beautiful reflections in the mirror of living-together.  

DIVE Publishing 2017

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