Got Game – Keeping the Play in Mind 

Success begins first in the mind.  No matter the project, goals, or aspirations; you must visualize it, believe it to be true (that dream, that vision), then take the necessary action steps to manifest itself into reality. 

That dream must become an obsession; as the air you breathe, the food you taste, and your faith in the unseen.  

The follow-through always begins and starts with you.  Don’t listen to the haters for they don’t yet have the eyes to see what you envision.  The ones who curse your present and/or future winning streak out of shear jealously or envy.  As you receive the ball and run with it. 

They may still come around to your team and offer support later in the game but only after you’ve already scored that touchdown. 

You are the quarterback in your own game of life.  You’re the only one whom must make choices which are right for your own interest’s and those in your immediate team front and center. 

Your true friend or life partner will still be with you even in the hardest tackles and the harshest seasons on your pathway to success. 

©DIVE Publishing 2017 

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