Cherish – Touched by an Angel of Love 

When our backs are against the wall, your true friends will fight the opposition off for you.  The forces of darkness which seek to not only trip us up as we try to get ahead or laugh and spit on our face as we proclaim to the Universe, “I am not defeated, I’m an overcomer in this season and the next.” 

We will get back up with the helping hands of those whom see the potential in our walk. The ‘Chosen Ones;’ the angels by our side who have been through defeat will identify with this beautiful type of struggle as they pull us up to our feet again. 

Cherish the ones who keep us held together when all of life seems to break us apart from the inside out.  

For I will not give up the fight, so you’d best stand back and watch me ‘Roar’ as God’s power within will only strengthen me as I move past this ‘beautiful type of pain’ once again. 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

The Sacred Heart of the Angel of Love” 

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