Scream out your Dream 

If you are staying in a relationship solely for the need for companionship, intimacy, emotional, or financial support then it’s time to search your heart.  

The struggle is indeed real and fear of being alone can be an unbearable type of pain.  

It’s best to seek out meetups or a close circle of friends from your work, faith center, support group, and/or college who are going through the same season as you. 

Loving the wrong person can be the perfect illusion and can provide the escape you think you need in the short term. 

However in the long term you need a partner, a friend, a companion, a dream sharer who will be more than just a lover, your Bae, or BFF.  

Your soulmate will be there to catch you when you fall and dream bigger with you; even in the seemingly impossible vision the Universe has reserved for you in the stars.  

In the end a man or woman with a dream bigger than themselves needs a man or woman who sees what is possible when two people believe and consummate the vision as one.  

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017 

#Dare2Dream  #DreamGreaterOnceAgain 

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